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  It is a series of lessons, with the greatest for the last. How far can you explore yourself and your feminine self? Mistress Adette is here to guide you!


The slave has a duty to provide his Mistress with pleasure when she demands it and in any way that she demands it. 

THE LINE________

I walk the line, the line …
Between the foyer and the room Between the fantasy and the real The woman and the man, between The warm embrace and glance
Of cheek on cheek and … then The quiet acceptance,
As Time has gone.

I walk the line the line
Between trust as raw as whipping

To reddened open skin and
A stupid untrusting mind
That it’s all fruitless and in vain

I walk the line, the line
Between a yearn to quickly
Cross the desert beauty and
The skillful practice to remain.

Between the partial and complete The heaven and the hell.

The ‘few’ of us, we walk the line, the line In a no-mans land of bliss
And everyman’s denseness
Of what is … and was …

And might be soon again Suspended by your chain
In a bubble of a dream, down The soft cold side of cliff

We walk the line.

For you I walk the willing line, the only Loving line through the daily stuff
Of laughs and fears and nights Where I am split between

I walk that line between The love of  You as woman And the love of you as man
Between the fantasy and the real Between the tears that have tried to come Between the woman and the man
The hairs on jutting chin
And a skin so soft and clean.

Always Mistress Adette has the sensitivity, intelligence and sophistication to understand and realise the most complex of private needs. She is the most excellent, charming company. She can also be your sweetest nightmare.


Anal Play                         Bondage Boot Fetish

Breast Play     CBT            Corsets                         Domestic Discipline

Financial Servitude         Foot Worship               Forced Feminisation

Fisting done with skill       Gags          Glove Fetish             High Heel Worship  Hot Wax Play               Humiliation      Age PLAY

Interrogation               Intimate Worship                 Leather                            Maid training

Mummification            Nail Fetish                    Nipple Play/Torture               Orgasm Control

Orgasm Denial             Cat/Pony/Puppy Play  Role Play                       Sensory Deprivation

Shaving/Trimming/ Styling

Sissy Training               Smoking Fetish

Strap On Training             Whipping

DGfe       High Class Crossdressing  –         Afternoon Tea Party with Crossdressers,

Glamorous Crossdressers Fashion Show

Fashion PHOTOSHOOT          Cinderella’s Dream

 And, to go even a step further, is the practice of fist-fucking . The fist is put to a new use; the notion of penetration is expanded into the combination of the hand with sexual penetration, into the exploration of the inside of a body.  No wonder best of us practice fisting: is fist-fucking not the sexual invention of the twentieth first century, a new model of eroticism and pleasure? It is no longer genitalized, but focused just on the Penetration, with the role of the phallus being taken over by the hand, the autonomized partial object par excellence.

You should know,  Mistress Adette has a very busy schedule.

To do anything for her. Anything. If you are open minded submissive male looking to walk on the wild side. Want to be Her Property. You have to do the best for Mistress Adette… One day …She’ll accept you …Submission means different things to different people. The type of submission Mistress Adette asks for is built up over a period of time where your slave ability develops . Under Mistress Adette’s training the slaves develop a lot and have done things you would never have thought possible. Mistress Adette is a truly majestic symphony; she is wonderful there no doubt who the superior creature is. To serve her is more than a privilege, more than a fantasy. Any man fortunate enough to be considered worthy of her attention will embark on an incredible journey of discovery from which there is simply no turning back. This is a journey that will take you to places you never knew existed and as every session ends you will want more and more. When Mistress Adette looks into your eyes you feel as if she is staring deep into your soul. She is very experienced and knows instinctively which buttons to press. When it comes to kink, she is in a class of her own, and genuinely enjoys herself.

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Always Mistress Adette has the sensitivity, intelligence and sophistication to understand and realise the most complex of private needs. She is the most excellent, charming company. She can also be your sweetest nightmare.


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Slaves are manny, Mistress ADETTE is one!