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Prayer from a slave

Tie my hands, Tie my legs,

Gag my mouth, Cover my eyes,

But can I see more, Than just a night, Because I feel more. Tease me, The touch of your glove is getting me drunk, I just drank from your pleasure. Thank you My Mistress Use the whip, I beg for more, Abuse me, Do all the things you want tonight, My body is yours. My soul is yours. And My Mind.

The pleasure to have her own me.

The wine was Marques de Vergas, 2008, Reserva Rioja.
From the bottle, the Power of Nature dominated, over man’s meddling.
On the table, a light meal. Two glasses, eyes fixed.
The strong aroma, wine, perfume, intoxicating…lipstick on the glass…
I feel the heel of the leather boot press my foot…which made me remember
what would come later.
The woman I am with, says ” lets go now… It is time”
Her gloved hand fondles and does what it wants in the darkness.
From her bag she takes the collar and places it with care.
She leads the way. Choses the tune.
No word is said, no need, I massage her feet.
With her eyes closed she pulls me to her ‘place’ and bids me work.
The collar cord is pulled if its not ‘ just right ‘
She sleeps, and I on the floor.
Before dawn the cord is yanked and I rise to service my mistress again.
To give her, her pleasure. Then she mounts me and gives me my pleasure.
The pleasure to have her own me.

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  1. Thank you for the much needed motativion. I had an emotional experience listenining to this; all the heartaches, pain and sacrifices until this point and still more to go. God, please give us the strength to face whatever may come our way and please make our journey easier to finally become a good, successful DOCTOR !

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